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What's New
Check out the What's New page for new stuff I added in April 1998.

Becoming a Muse
A book I wrote detailing the three years I spent on the road after dropping out of college.

Selected Writings
Writing selections from some of the authors that have inspired me through their work.

We the Wimps
An article about the risk illiteracy in America that has inspired me to go out and take chances with my life.

Different awards my site had gotten. Visit these sites to see what other cool sites there are out on the web.

Discover who I am through the concepts of myself, the personal projects I work on and the letters I write to others.

A place to be inspired by the words of those who have inspired me or by things I have written to inspire other people.

Writing is something I've done on and off for many years now. Read the book I wrote, as well as beginnings to stories I never finished, zines I created and other random bits of writing.

At one time I was called Artiste and drew pictures on the streets. More recently I've reignited the desire to create visual pieces and have been experimenting with computers. View what I have created and some of the techniques I've learned.

Notes that I've taken all through my life have been compiled here so that I'll have access to them while I'm on the road. Rife through my stuff if you want, though a lot of the notes will only make complete sense to me.

The links I've compiled here are sort of personal meta-pages to help me organise my ever-increasing bookmark list. I've tried to give my comments of each site, not only for others, but for myself later on.